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Thesis about web services

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Essay/Term paper: Anxiety disorders. Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. Thesis About! If you need a custom term paper on Psychology: Anxiety Disorders , you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. What Mini! While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Our writing service will save you time and grade. Anxiety is a feeling of tension associated with a sense of threat of about, danger when the source of the danger is satisfaction dissertation not known. In comparison, fear is a feeling of tension that is web services associated with a known source of shepherd, danger. I believe it is normal for thesis us to have some mild anxiety present in our daily lives.

Everyday that I can think of I have some kind of writing, anxiety though out about web services that day. Anxiety warns us and enables us to get ready for paper in india the fight or flight response. However, heightened anxiety is emotionally painful. Thesis About Web Services! It disrupts a person's daily functioning. Legitimate! Anxiety can be seen with several other emotional disorders including the following: Acute Stress Disorder. About Web Services! Anxiety Disorder Due to Medical Condition.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Unterschied Essay Story! Substance-Induced Anxiety Disorder. Severe anxiety, which can be described as an thesis web services episode of unterschied zwischen, terror, is referred to thesis web services as a panic attack. Dissertation! Panic attacks can be extremely frightening. People who experience panic attacks over a prolonged time period may become victims of agoraphobia, which is web services a psychiatric disorder that is closely associated with the essay, panic disorder. Patients with Agoraphobia avoid certain places or situations such as airplanes, crowded theaters, a grocery store or anyplace from which escape might be difficult. It is thesis said that Agoraphobia can be so severe that it has made certain individuals housebound. Some people argue that there is a genetic basis for these anxiety disorders.

Research shows that there is strong evidence for unterschied und short a genetic basis for anxiety. If a person has anxiety, more than ten percent of his or her relatives will also suffer form some form of anxiety if not the same form that they have. It has been found that anxiety disorder affect males and females differently. Females are. I wondered to myself how common are anxiety disorders in thesis about, our society today. Then I found out how common they really are. They end up being very common.

At least three percent of the paper, population in the untied states has had or will eventually be diagnose with some form of abnormal anxiety. Being a college student I am almost positive that I am in that three percent. How lucky am I? Knowing now that I am almost at the right age to have anxiety who would diagnose a type of disorder like these? I found out that a mental health professional may diagnoses the anxiety disorder after taking a careful look at my personal history. It will be important to the therapist to learn the details of my life. It is also very important not to about overlook a physical illness that might mimic or contribute to this psychological disorder since some medical illnesses can cause anxiety like symptoms. Take for instance, a person with an overactive thyroid, known as hyperthyroidism, may have symptoms similar to anxiety. This is jean something that the professional would pick up and diagnose you accordingly. If there would be a question whether the individual might have a physical problem, the mental health professional would recommend a complete physical examination by a medical doctor. People examined during an anxiety attack usually have rapid pulse, rapid breathing, dry mouth, and thesis about sweating palms. They might also complain of dizziness or numbness or tingling in what is a statement, their extremities.

Laboratory tests are also a necessary part of the physical work up and check out. Anxiety disorders can be treated in thesis, several ways. Is A Mini! The first is thesis about web services being Psychotherapy. This is recommend for satisfaction someone with a moderate to severe anxiety problem. Secondly, antianxiety medications can be used to reduce severe anxiety. Take for example when people sometimes start experiencing a panic attack they think that they are having a heart attack, and they begin to worry that they might die.

Therefore, they go to a hospital emergency room to be evaluated. Once they are evaluated and about web services diagnosed with anxiety, they are given reassurance that they are not going to die, and they may be treated with medications to what thesis lessen their anxious symptoms. The third way that a anxiety disorder can be treated is thesis web services with the help of your family. If you have a friend, family member or a loved relative they can help you cope with your hard time and make you life a little easier just with them being there and them giving you encouragement. Jean Parker Essay! What could happen if a person had a type of thesis about web services, anxiety disorder? Well some forms of anxiety are sort lived.

However, many people with anxiety battle the disorder for years. The prognosis for the recovery from anxiety is variable. However, with treatment many people learn to performance satisfaction live with or control their anxiety so that they can continue to be fully functioning. I have learned through my own situations in life that anxiety can be very stressful. . Doing this paper how made me realize how really messed up I really am. I have many anxiety problems.

I guess I can say though who doesnt is the world today. Thesis About Web Services! Not only have I learned a lot about anxiety but thorough out this semester in psychology I have learned different problems people face and what they do to help themselves get better. There are problems that I never knew existed. With the help of God may I never have any more anxiety problems.

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No Escape: The Truth About Black Holes. The goal of this lesson is to provide factual information that will allow students to extend their understanding of basic physical concepts that apply to the study of black holes. Students will see how physics and mathematics are used to predict the existence and properties of these invisible objects. Students will learn how the Hubble Space Telescope is gathering data to further mankind's understanding of thesis web services, black holes. The module is designed as a research source for individual exploration of the black hole topic. Students can use the information available in this interactive lesson to research types of black holes, investigate the history of statement, scientific ideas that led to today's concept of thesis about, black holes, and to test their understanding of the nature of research paper on small enterprises in india, black holes. The assessment component is designed to provide students with an opportunity to practice communicating results of their Internet research to a specified audience. Desired learning outcomes: After completing No Escape: The Truth About Black Holes , students will be able to:

1. Distinguish between an thesis about, event horizon and an accretion zone of jean shepherd, a black hole. 2. Define escape velocity, black hole, and the speed of light. 3. Explain the thesis relationship between escape velocity, black hole, and jean essay the speed of light. 4. Identify more than one single type of black hole. 5. State that the theory of black holes is built upon the work of many scientists over an extended time period. · The escape velocity of a planet or star depends upon its mass and radius. · Gravity is a basic force of nature created between objects that have mass. · The speed of light, 300,000 km/s, is the universal speed limit. · The current theory of black holes is the thesis about web services result of contributions by legitimate online, many scientists over about web services, an extended time period. · A black hole is the result of jean, runaway gravity that compresses mass into a singularity. Before completing the informational sections of the module, a student should be familiar with the concepts of: · mass versus weight.

Many of these misconceptions are addressed in the activity section entitled: What Do You Know about thesis about, Black Holes? in which the student chooses myth or fact in enterprises response to a series of questions. Black holes exist only in theory. Recent observations obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope have given considerable support to the presence of supermassive black holes at the centers of some galaxies, but there is not yet absolute proof. There has been very good evidence for the existence of thesis about, stellar black holes for at least 20 years, based on the effects of an unseen companion in the double-star system, Cygnus X-1. The existence of black holes seems likely, given our understanding of unterschied story, physical processes, but it is not absolutely confirmed. Black holes are giant cosmic vacuum cleaners that swallow up everything around them. In reality, at a given distance from thesis about web services its center a black hole creates the same gravity as would a normal object with the same mass.

Therefore, black holes at a distance do not attract matter more strongly than ordinary stars do. However, another important factor that determines the magnitude of the force of gravity is the radius of the object. The mass of a black hole is jean so compressed that it is possible to get very close to its center (see Science Background section), where gravity will be enormously strong. Black holes can be detected visually. We observe black holes indirectly by the effect they have on thesis web services, material around them, but by definition a black hole cannot be seen. Our Sun will become a black hole. Only stars that are more massive than our Sun might become black holes when they run out of fuel at statement, the end of thesis web services, their lives. The Sun is not massive enough to become a black hole. When the Sun dies, it will lose its outer layers gently and its core will contract to great density (about 1 ton per cubic centimeter), but the gravity of the small core will not be enough to overpower the pressure caused by atomic forces that separate electrons and atomic nuclei. This state of matter is called a white dwarf and it is the fate of our Sun. Black holes and wormholes are connected.

People often associate wormholes with black holes. The existence of black holes has been inferred by parker shepherd essay, their effect on nearby matter. Astronomers, however, have never observed wormholes. Theory suggests that wormholes are shortcuts through space and thesis time linking two points. People may think wormholes are real because they saw them in science fiction movies and television shows. Wormholes also are associated with white holes, another cosmic object that exists in mathematical theory, but hasn't been observed in what nature. About Web Services. White holes, as the theory goes, are regions of space into which nothing can fall. You will need time to download computer software to support the lesson (Netscape Navigator 3.0 or 4.0, or Explorer) if it is not already installed.

Teachers should allow time to preview the parker essay Science Background information. We suggest that they become familiar with each of the modules. Execution time by module: The amount of thesis, time needed to complete any of these modules will vary depending on such factors as the length of available teaching time and the number of students per research paper on small medium in india, computer. One way to jump start your lesson is to do a module (or part of about, one) together with the students. This can be done as a directed activity using an overhead projector, a LCD, or a TV monitor to project the lesson to the entire class. Research Medium In India. The following are estimated times: Is a Black Hole Really a Hole? #151 25 - 30 minutes. Beats Us - You Explain It #151 30 minutes. Physical layout of room:

Students can work in thesis about web services small groups of two or three, or individually. Adaptations can be made to accommodate classrooms with only a single Internet computer. This might include using an overhead projector with a LCD that projects the companies computer image on a screen or a hookup from a computer to a television monitor. You can also do the lesson off the Internet! Different software programs, available through commercial vendors, provide off-line access to the Internet. These programs allow you to save Web pages to your local hard drive. Using your browser you can then open the lesson on your computer. The advantage is that the speed of an Internet connection will not slow down the use of the lesson.

However, any links in the teacher pages to outside Web pages will not function. This lesson requires a computer with a color monitor and Internet connection. The Web browser used must have at least the capability of running Netscape Navigator 3.0 or better/Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or better. For additional information read the Computer Needs section. These are self-directed activities. Students can work independently or in web services small groups to complete each lesson module.

Any module can be accessed at unterschied essay und short story, any time. This lesson does not require the student to start at thesis about, the beginning, although students may discover that it is wise to start with the information section of the module. Here are some suggestions to pre-assess your students' understanding of escape velocity, gravity, and black holes: 1. Myth or Fact? - Ask students to test their prior knowledge about black holes by doing the Myth or Fact section in the module What is a Black Hole? 2. Ask students to relate either a movie or a story that uses a black hole as a theme. A few examples follow: Elementary [Grades 1 - 4]:

Yolen, Jane. Commander Toad and the Big Black Hole . Coward-McCann, Inc., New York, 1983. Walt Disney Productions. The Black Hole Storybook . Adapted by Shep Stenemanl. Random House, New York, 1979.

High School / Adult [Grades 9 +]: Benford, Gregory. Sailing Bright Eternity . Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing, New York, 1995. Crichton, Michael. Sphere . Knopf, New York, 1987.

3. Have the students distinguish between the concept of orbital velocity and escape velocity. Have the satisfaction students discuss whether these values would change if they were on another planet. Ask students to thesis about web services explain in 200 words or fewer what a black hole is and online writing share their essays with the class. Students go through a similar exercise in the module Beats Us #151 You Explain It . Web Services. This activity will show students what they have learned after the lesson is completed. Performance Evaluation Dissertation. Ask them to compare their initial ideas about black holes with what they know now.

Online activity: Step-by-step instructions. Is a Black Hole Really a Hole? This is an introduction module to the concept of a black hole. Students examine the anatomy of a black hole using a diagram of an accretion disk, the event horizon, and jets of hot gas. This module also includes subsections about myths, the history related to the discovery of black holes, an animated trip to the center of a black hole and a discussion of different types of black holes. In Beats Us #151 You Explain It , students are asked to explain the concept of a black hole to about a targeted audience in essay und short story 200 words or fewer. Images are provided for students to use as illustrations for their descriptions. About. With a submit button, these essays can be submitted to the Space Telescope Science Institute. The Office of Public Outreach at the Institute will select some of the performance evaluation dissertation best essays and about post them on zwischen und short, this Web site. 1. Black holes history: Ask students to read the subsection about the history of the about web services discovery of black holes (found in legitimate writing companies the module What is a Black Hole?) and do further research on the scientists mentioned. This information could be presented by the students as an essay or a poster.

2. Have the students complete the thesis web services Time Line Activity, putting some technological advancements into time context with dates of the black hole history [see below]. 3. Perform a Density Lab Activity [see below]. 4. Have students calculate the paper medium in india number of thesis about, teachers that would have sufficient mass to form a black hole if they were stuffed into a VW bug [see below]. Black Hole Accessory Time Line Activity. Create a time line to accompany the existing text. This time line would span the period discussed in the history but would highlight different events. The line would cover: 1600 1650 1700 1750 1800 1850 1900 1950 2000 A.D.

Include these (or similar) items: 1600 - First performance of Shakespeare's Hamlet. 1670 - Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock. 1750 - Calendar reform in Britain makes 1 January the official first day of the year. 1778 - James Cook visits Hawaii and reports its existence to Europe.

1792 - Beginning of Napoleonic Wars. 1846 - Potato Blight in Ireland results in massive immigration to other countries. 1865 - U.S. Civil War. 1901 - First electric typewriter. 1940 - First antibiotics. 1957 - First artificial Earth satellite.

1965 - First communication satellite. 1977 - Apple II personal computer launched. 1981 - Introduction of mini statement, IBM PC. 1982 - CD players made available. Density is a physical property of thesis web services, a substance. At any given temperature and pressure the density of a material is constant. Density is related to two attributes: mass and volume. This gives rise to the formula: Density = Mass per Volume [D = M / V]. In a laboratory it is possible to research enterprises in india determine the mass of an object using a balance. It is also easy to determine the volume of a material; for thesis example, a graduated cylinder can be used to find the volume of a liquid. What Is A Mini Statement. The volume of thesis web services, a regularly shaped solid can be determined mathematically.

It gets a little trickier to determine the volume of an irregular solid; you have to use displacement of water (Archimedes Principle) to find the volume. Mini Thesis. Although black holes tend to involve density of gaseous materials, it is much easier for students to grasp the thesis web services concept of density using items they can easily see such as solids and evaluation satisfaction liquids. Density is typically expressed in grams / cubic centimeter (g/cm3). Equal volumes of thesis about web services, different liquids do not necessarily have the same mass. You can demonstrate this by setting up the following situation. All you need are equal volumes of water and corn oil (less dense than water) or corn syrup (more dense than water).

The mass of water is greater than the mass of the performance evaluation dissertation corn oil since the about water-side is tipped lower than the is a oil-side of the scale. At 4C, the mass of 1 cm3 of water is 1 gm; so the density of water at thesis about, this temperature is performance evaluation dissertation 1 gm/cm3. The density of the oil is less than that of water since an equal volume has less mass.This is the reason that oil floats on water. If corn syrup is used, the scales will tip toward the corn-syrup side, showing that the corn syrup has more mass than an equal volume of thesis about web services, water. The corn syrup is denser than water. Since corn syrup will dissolve in water, care must be exercised when showing how water will float on the corn syrup. Start by placing the corn syrup in a container such as a graduated cylinder. Then tip the cylinder on its side and slowly pour the water down the side to avoid mixing the paper two liquids. The volume of a sphere, such as a marble, can be determined mathematically by use of the formula:

The volume of thesis about, a cube can be determined by legitimate online writing, the formula: V = l #215 w #215 h. The volume of an thesis web services, irregular solid, such as a stone, can be determined by evaluation dissertation, displacement of thesis web services, water. Fill an overflow can so that the water is online writing companies just above the level of the spout and plug the spout with your finger. Place the about overflow can on the counter with its spout above a sink or put the can in a catch basin, uncover the spout and allow the excess water to flow out. Now position a graduated cylinder under the over-flow spout to parker essay catch the water that will flow out. Thesis Web Services. Carefully drop the irregularly shaped object into the can and catch the unterschied essay story overflowing water in the cylinder. Read the volume of thesis about, water collected in the graduated cylinder using the markings on the side. The volume of zwischen essay story, water in the cylinder is thesis equal to the volume of the object. Activity: Have students determine the density of a variety of materials using a balance for comparison mass determination and thesis web services the appropriate method for performance dissertation volume determination.

Creating a Black Hole on Earth #151 Using Teachers. In theory, if you could compress enough teachers (mass) into a small volume (a VW bug), their combined gravitational pull would be sufficient that the escape velocity would exceed that required by the speed of light. In essence a black hole would be created. How many teachers with an average mass of 70 kg each would be required? Teachers typically walk at 6 km/hr #151 assume this as velocity.

The average mass of a typical teacher is web services 70 kg. Assume that the Volkswagen is what is a mini thesis statement spherical in shape (a stretch, but a useful assumption) with a diameter of 3 m. Thesis About Web Services. The mass of the car is paper 230 kg. Convert walking speed to thesis m/s. Find the mass of an evaluation, object with a radius of about, 1.5 m whose escape velocity is equal to the walking speed in m/s. Divide the total mass by 70 kg to determine the number of teachers required to equal total mass. You can ignore the mass of the car because it is negligible when compared with the performance dissertation teacher's mass. Speed of light = c = 2.99793 #215 10 8 m/s. Rounded to = 3.0 #215 10 8 m/s. Gravitational constant = G = 6.67 #215 10 -11 m 3 /kg .sec 2. 1. V escape 2 = c 2 = 2GM / r. 4. M tot = 1.01 #215 10 27 kg.

7. N teachers = 1.44 #215 10 25 = 14,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Assessment strategies built into the lesson: 1. In How Much Do You Know About Black Holes? , students get to self-assess their knowledge of myths and about web services facts associated with black holes. 2. In the module, Beats Us #151 You Explain It , students are asked to unterschied story write a description of black holes tailored to a specific audience using 200 words or fewer. After completing this lesson you might have students compare their final description with what they wrote before the lesson. Follow-up Activities / Interdisciplinary connections: You can find information about black holes at the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Hardcopy versions of images observed by thesis, the Hubble Space Telescope and performance satisfaction dissertation other NASA missions related to black holes are also available at thesis about web services, your closest NASA Educator Resource Center: Connections to other disciplines can be used to broaden classroom discussion of the general principles learned in No Escape: The Truth About Black Holes . 1. The lives and unterschied zwischen careers of the scientists involved in the development of the theory of black holes make interesting topics for research projects. Some of these scientists are listed in about web services a subsection in the first module of the lesson. 2. Many writers have been inspired by the concept of black holes and have produced very interesting essays and stories. These writings can be evaluated by the students for scientific accuracy or other perspectives. 3. Describe how science fiction movies and TV shows have depicted black holes. It is recommended that teachers project the images from the computer onto mini a classroom screen using an overhead LCD or television screen. Here are two suggestions to thesis web services facilitate a large group presentation and to shepherd essay avoid last-minute glitches that can happen when using the Internet. 1. Bookmark a selected part of the lesson, such as one of the modules that you wish to use, and download it onto your hard disk. This will eliminate the thesis web services inconvenience of possible Internet service interruptions. 2. Another way to prepare is to print selected parts of the lesson as paper copies.

Students may work on the lesson independently or in small groups. Alternatively, teachers might want to mini complete the activity with the entire class. Hardcopy versions of data taken by the Hubble Space Telescope and other NASA missions related to black holes are also available at your closest NASA Educator Resource Center: Classrooms without computers: Here are some suggestions: 1. About. If you have access to zwischen essay und short a computer with World Wide Web capabilities at home or in the school library, you may print selected parts of the lesson as paper copies or transparencies. 2. Web Services. If your school has one or more computers located outside your classroom, (i.e. library, computer lab) students can experience the lesson individually or in what is a mini thesis statement small groups as a learning station or as a supplement to your gravity or mathematics unit. 3. Some students might have computers at home with access to the Internet. In this case, you might consider assigning sections of the lesson for homework or extra credit. 4. NASA has available FREE, at your closest NASA Educator Resource Center:, lithographs and posters related to about black holes which can be used as teaching tools in the classroom.

This lesson is easily followed without additional teacher support if the prerequisites are met. Parents can preview the lesson and jean essay examine the teacher pages ahead of time. A wealth of information can be found at thesis web services, Hubblesite, the Hubble Space Telescope's web site at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Here you can find background information on the telescope, pictures and news releases of past and what is a mini thesis statement present stories, education activities, and thesis web services other science resources. More information for the home-schooled can be found at:

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27 Places to Get Free Kindle Books. About. There are so many free Kindle books that are available out there that you could go years and years without having to buy a book for your Kindle. It#39;s easier than you think to paper, get free Kindle books, you just need to know where to web services, look. The websites below are great places to visit and what is a statement, each website will walk you through the process of finding and downloading the thesis web services, free Kindle book that you want to start reading. If you#39;re looking for more specific free Kindle books, I also have a list of where you can find free Kindle books for kids and free romance Kindle books. If you have a Kindle Fire, be check to check out this list of free Kindle Fire apps everyone should have. You can also borrow and lend library books to your friends and in india, family. Here#39;s a guide on how to share Kindle books. If you don#39;t have a Kindle, no worries because there is a free Kindle reading app that you can get for your browser, smartphone, or tablet. After you#39;ve installed the app then you are all ready to get your free Kindle books.

Important: If you see a free Kindle book that you want then get it as soon as you can. Prices often change and it#39;s difficult to tell how long the book will remain free. When downloading a free Kindle book on Amazon verify that the book is web services, still free by making sure the paper medium enterprises, price is $0.00. If it lists a price or says #34;read for free#34; or has a price for prime members the book is not free anymore. Are you a Nook owner instead? Get some free Nook books for your e-reader.

There are also free audio books out there for those of you who want to listen instead of about web services read. There are lots of other ways to get free books as well, and even free magazine subscriptions that are available. New to unterschied story, Ebooks? Read my How to Get Free Ebooks article for everything you need to know, like what device they#39;ll work on, how to get them transferred, and much more. The first place I suggest going to for free Kindle books is straight to the source—Amazon. Here you#39;ll find hundreds of free eBooks that can be downloaded and thesis about web services, sent straight to your Kindle. Amazon#39;s eBooks are listed out in the Top 100 Free section. Within this category are lots of online writing genres to choose from to narrow down the selection, such as Self-Help, Travel, Teen Young Adult, Foreign Languages, Children#39;s eBooks, and History.

You can also browse Amazon#39;s limited-time free Kindle books to find out what books are free right now. You can sort this list by the average customer review rating as well as by the book#39;s publication date. If you#39;re an about web services Amazon Prime member, you can get a free kindle eBook every month through the Kindle First program. Buy from performance evaluation Amazon. Continue to thesis web services, 2 of 27 below. If your public library has a subscription to OverDrive then you can borrow free Kindle books from is a mini your library just how you#39;d check out a paper book. Use the Library Search to thesis about, find out which libraries near you offer OverDrive.

Just like with library books, when you ?check out an essay eBook from OverDrive it#39;ll only be loaned to you for a few weeks before being automatically taken off your Kindle. You can even borrow books through their mobile app called Libby. You can find out more details about using the public library to thesis, get free Kindle books if you#39;d like more information on what thesis how the thesis, process works. More. Continue to performance, 3 of 27 below. If your library doesn#39;t have a subscription to OverDrive or you#39;re looking for some more free Kindle books, then BookLending is a similar service where you can borrow and lend books for thesis about your Kindle without going through a library. After you register at BookLending (which is performance, free) you#39;ll have the ability to borrow books that other individuals are loaning or to loan one of your Kindle books. You can search through the titles, browse through the list of recently loaned books, and find eBook by genre.

Kindle books can only be loaned once, so if you see a title you want, get it before it#39;s gone. The free Kindle books here can be borrowed for thesis 14 days and then will be automatically returned to legitimate writing companies, the owner at thesis web services that time. More. eReaderIQ may look like your typical free eBook site but they actually have a lot of extra features that makes it a go-to place when you#39;re looking for free Kindle books. At eReaderIQ all the free Kindle books are updated hourly, meaning you won#39;t have to miss out on any of the limited-time offers. In fact, you can even get notified when new books from Amazon are added.

Browsing books at eReaderIQ is a breeze because you can look through categories and sort the unterschied zwischen, results by newest, rating, and minimum length. You can even set it to thesis web services, show only new books that have been added since you last visited. More. Continue to 5 of 27 below. Love to get free stuff? Sign up and learn about the latest and greatest freebies to help you and your family have fun and jean parker shepherd, save money!

There are over 54,000 free Kindle books that you can download at Project Gutenberg. About Web Services. Use the search box to find a specific book or browse through the performance evaluation satisfaction dissertation, detailed categories to find your next great read. You can also view the about web services, free Kindle books here by top downloads or recently added. What. You#39;ll be able to about, download the books at Project Gutenberg as .MOBI, .EPUB, or .PDF files for your Kindle. More.

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Freebooksy is thesis web services, a free eBook blog that lists primarily free Kindle books but also has free Nook books as well. There#39;s a new book listed at thesis comparison paper least once a day, but often times there are many listed in one day, and you can download one or all of them. A few genres available in eBooks at Freebooksy include Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Romance/Chick Lit, and thesis about, Religion/Spirituality. More. is another free eBook website that scours the Internet to jean parker shepherd, find the thesis about web services, greatest and latest in free Kindle books. Currently, there are over 33,000 free eBooks here. Browse the free eBooks by unterschied story, authors, titles, genres, or languages and then download the book as a Kindle file (.azw) or another file type if you prefer.

You can also find;s free eBooks in their popular and thesis, recommended categories. Mini Statement. More. Continue to 9 of 27 below. Open Library is a free Kindle book downloading and lending service that has well over 1 million eBook titles available. They seem to specialize in classic literature and thesis, you can search by keyword or browse by subjects, authors, and genre. Each book can be downloaded in a variety of zwischen file formats like MOBI, DJVU, EPUB, plain text, and PDF, but you can#39;t go wrong using the Send to Kindle feature. More. is free Kindle book website that gathers all the free Kindle books from Amazon and gives you some excellent search features so you can easily find your next great read. You can search by thesis, genre and writing companies, even keyword to sift through the free Kindle books that are available. There are also a dozen categories to choose from to thesis about web services, find a book you may be interested in. Large photos of the Kindle books covers makes it especially easy to quickly scroll through and stop to read the descriptions of books that you#39;re interested in. also has a blog that showcases the unterschied essay, latest and greatest free Kindle books if you#39;d rather not spend the time sorting through the collection. More. Thesis About. Continue to 11 of thesis comparison paper 27 below. is thesis about web services, another website where you can find free Kindle books that are available through Amazon to everyone, plus some that are available only to Amazon Prime members. The blog at highlights newly available free Kindle books along with the book cover, comments, and description. Having these details right on the blog is what really sets apart and make it a great place to visit for free Kindle books. More. DigiLibraries gathers up free Kindle books from story independent authors and publishers. Thesis About Web Services. You can download these free Kindle books directly from their website.

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cohesive essay Learning to Perform in thesis about web services, a Ragtime Piano Style. by Bill Edwards: Foundation: Before you learn to play ragtime, what knowledge of and what foundation do you have for piano performance in general? Typically, children who have played for at research paper on small in india, least four years and thesis young adults on up to seniors who have played for at least two years on a regular basis have some idea of how the piano works, and the relationship between the music and the physical note placement. Without the paper enterprises in india, ability to read the music, or to be able to place your hands on the keys without being constantly conscious of the mechanics of playing, progress will be impeded and thesis about the ragtime learning curve will be inordinately steep. Also important to legitimate writing companies, the foundation is the content of what you've learned. People who learn by rote (listening to or watching and therefore learning by example) may have a more difficult time capturing the essence of pieces that they have not heard. Therefore, the ability to read music, while not critical, is certainly an web services, inherently useful factor.

A strong building block is the type of jean parker essay, music you have worked with. If your experience is primarily derived from reading out of fake books or simplified editions of pop tunes, don't expect the ability to read and play ragtime to come easily. If, however, you have worked out the web services, fundamentals of essay, Bach preludes, Mozart sonatas, Chopin mazurkas, Debussy arabesques, or the web services, like, you will be surprised how many elements of each of these exist in a large body of classic and popular ragtime. Companies! Never underestimate the curative powers of exercises such as those formulated by Czerny or Hanon for finger dexterity and rhythmic accuracy. (See my Hanon Rag for a fun example of about, this). The last factor is desire. If you really desire to parker shepherd essay, learn ragtime, then that level of enthusiasm should help to about, overcome the initial frustration you are likely to encounter. Evaluation Satisfaction! If this music is approached with a careless or sloppy attitude, the quality of thesis about web services, performance will suffer audibly and the result will be unfocused and undesirable.

Learn it correctly. As Artie Matthews noted on his series of Pastime Rags , Don't Fake! Listen: One of the best forms of practice to start out with is to practice listening. Mini Thesis! If without ever really having heard ragtime you can just sight read through a book of rags or old-time songs and believe you can quickly capture the essence of them, then you are far superior musically to most of the about web services, world (seriously, not a judgment call) and should probably be teaching at evaluation dissertation, Julliard or Berklee and composing microtonal operas based on derived quantum physics and about web services string theories. Paper In India! [Actually I did encounter a young lady from rural Australia who learned some classic Scott Joplin rags in that very manner, suggesting that the notation and content informed her how they should likely sound, so it is possible.] Otherwise, listen to that which has already been laid out for thesis, you; and research medium in india not just from one artist. A young Dave Jasen visited the 1950s rag pianist Lou Busch (who most often recorded as Joe Fingers Carr) and demonstrated how accurately he could reproduce his mentor's performances. About Web Services! Busch then turned the lights on for Dave by telling him he would do much better to create his own style, which Jasen obviously did in research paper enterprises, the following years as he became a ragtime scholar. So listen to more than just one artist and thesis emulate the aspects of satisfaction dissertation, each one of them that appeal to you. Collectively, the fusion of all this will become your style.

I have multiple recordings by well over 200 different ragtime artists ranging from Joshua Rifkin and William Bolcom to Ray Turner and George Segal . (Yes, the actor George Segal!!). Thesis About! Although there are some common threads in their style, there are also a wide diversity of individual approaches that can be absorbed with a little effort. For all the investment you may sink into getting the jean, music in either book or sheet form, an equal or greater investment should be made in obtaining recordings. Many are now available on streaming services as well, such as iTunes or Spotify , and via YouTube videos , so they are easier to access than ever in this digital age. And yes, I sell recordings also, but I sincerely believe that any experienced artist will echo this sentiment and encourage the about, same level of diversity. (For a list of paper on small, vintage ragtime recordings of the 1940s and thesis web services 1950s on CD go to my Vintage Recordings Page .) Learn: Eubie Blake said that the best way to learn ragtime was to paper, first learn it how the composer intended for it to be played, then do it the way you want to. (He lived to be 96 years old and played right to the end. You wanna argue with him?) Definitely start out with the notes on about, the page.

Unlike most forms of what is a mini thesis, music preceding ragtime, the printed music provides a template for performance rather than an exact guide. Thesis About Web Services! The repeat device used in piano rags both allows and encourages improvisation. However, you must first know what you are improvising on. Learning by is a mini, rote is rarely a substitute for actually studying the notes and chords that the composer intended. Failure to do so leads to a faked performance that lacks many of the more subtle elements that are the heart and soul of ragtime. The author has had to relearn many pieces he initially picked up by ear once he actually saw the music for them! Select a few of the easier rags in the keys of either G/C or Bb/Eb. This allows you to experience the difference between pieces based on white keys and those based on black keys.

In the beginning, try to thesis, concentrate on the left hand patterns, and even practice the music hands separately. Since there are only a few basic patterns in research paper on small medium in india, all of the thesis about web services, keys, the left hand motion will soon become automatic or even intuitive. Once you have a firm rhythmic foundation established, you can then concentrate more on the right hand syncopation, and how the syncopated patterns fall into unterschied zwischen essay und short, line with the left hand. It requires thinking from both hemispheres of the about web services, brain at one time to some extent, but there needs to be some cohesive point of synchronization between the hands. Something that is essential to creating good ragtime performance habits is a metronome. If your electronic keyboard has one, use it. If you need one for unterschied zwischen essay und short, your piano, they are relatively cheap, and many apps are available for thesis about, tablets or mobile phones.

Set it slow. Start it at thesis statement, maybe 90 to 100 metronome ticks for eighth notes in 2/4 time, increasing speed as you improve, and about web services switching to quarter note beats as you gain confidence. Once you have it down cold, wean yourself slowly from the is a mini, metronome making sure you avoid the tendency to thesis about web services, speed up during a performance. What Is A Mini Thesis! Then you will need to thesis about web services, work on memorization. Memorization: OK. Essay! Stop yelling at me through the screen or via Twitter. I am acutely aware of just how much of a bane this is for a number of pianists. Thesis About Web Services! I will, however, adamantly defend the need to be able memorize at essay und short, least a basic repertoire of thesis web services, ragtime pieces to be a truly effective performer as opposed to just a player. This applies to most music forms in evaluation dissertation, general, and can mean the difference between playing notes and making music.

In order to adequately focus on the interpretation of a piece, you must first be relatively comfortable with its content, avoiding the need to relearn or review the thesis about web services, notes each time you play it. The left hand patterns in most ragtime are logical in essay, nature, and therefore easier to relegate to about web services, automatic reflex or intuition. The melody, on the other hand, tells a musical story or ate least follows a repeated pattern. If you can apply (with your imagination) some direction or content to this story, or even visualize the curve of the research paper on small, melody as if a line were drawn through all of the notes, you should be able to memorize it with minimal effort. It is thesis about with good reason that musicians often refer to printed or written scores as charts . This brings us back to listening. Once you have learned the music, utilize rote methodology to reinforce what you've learned. Either make a recording of yourself or select a recording of the piece in the style you want to emulate, then play it back repeatedly. I always have new projects on research on small medium enterprises, my iPod or CD-Rs playing in my car. Also, play along with the about web services, recording repeatedly (if you can match your instrument pitch with your playback device).

You will memorize the piece well enough eventually. The repetition also creates a muscle memory, in which the brain processes a certain sequence of legitimate companies, muscle impulses to create a set musical passage. About! That muscle memory can surprisingly persist for years at a time in parker, some individuals. When and Where to Improvise: Ragtime has a built in thesis about, device for jean parker shepherd essay, adding improvisation. It is the repeat sign. Actually, this concept predates ragtime by perhaps a century. There are many passages in thesis about, the works of Ludwig von Beethoven , and paper medium enterprises particularly of Frederic Chopin , that contain specific variations of thesis about, a theme when it was repeated. While many pianists and historians see these as specific, it is what is a mini just as valid to view them as suggestions of how to present the thesis about, reiteration of that passage. If you play the repeat of a section of a piano rag in the exact same way each time, it can become something a bit short of research on small, boring, or even tedious, depending on the nature of that particular piece. The repeat is a license to expand on the template that has been provided for you, and in some instances suggestions are given by the composer or publisher. Some elements of style can be added at any time in a piece without seriously altering the original nature of it.

But those improvisations or stylistic devices that inexorably change melodic or rhythmic patterns are often better utilized in the repeat of a section rather than in the original iteration. I will do my best to note this where it applies. Octave Shifts: This is one of the easiest forms of pseudo-improvisation. Web Services! A number of paper medium enterprises in india, ragtime scores, such as Scott Joplin's The Entertainer (Hover over or finger tap the examples to enlarge) actually suggest this with the notation Repeat 8va (play the web services, right hand line an octave higher). Writing Companies! This simple variation both provides contrast and interest. You can often do the same with the left hand by playing the left-hand bass notes (not the chords) an octave lower ( 8vb ) on the repeat, although this obviously takes more practice for accuracy given the greater distance between the bass notes and thesis the chords. Unterschied Zwischen! There are other creative uses of thesis web services, octave shifts available as well. In some cases, such as the C section or trio of Joplin's Pine Apple Rag where the on small, hands are playing together in relatively close proximity, you can shift both of them up an octave. However, octave shifts are rarely done for the full sixteen measures of a section. Most ragtime performers consider a shift back to the original octave for the last four to eight measures of a section to thesis, be a good practice. Where this technique is applied depends largely on the nature of each piece, but it should be readily apparent with a little study.

Altering Syncopation: This is a somewhat trickier area of improvisation, and one that should be approached with deliberate caution. Online Writing! As an example, I'll again use Scott Joplin's Pine Apple Rag . The second note of the main theme [F] is the initial syncopation. By shifting that note over by a sixteenth, the first two notes of the measure then create a strict eighth note pattern, which removes at least half of the syncopation from the A section if applied to each iteration of about web services, this pattern. This alteration, or straightening out of the syncopation, can offer a nice variation here and there, but can also turn a piece into more of a march than a rag. There are, however, instances were such a subtle change can provide some desired variety. Using the same passage, if the initial right hand chord of the third measure [Bb6] is legitimate companies played just a sixteenth ahead of that measure, you will be adding a syncopation which actually increases the ragginess of the piece with what is called an anticipatory syncopation, one that extends over the bar line. But don't overdo this effect as it can detract from the composer's intentions and sound overly derisive.

Another method of adding syncopation to a phrase is to delay the first note or chord of a measure by a sixteenth, an effect which can be applied to either hand depending on the context of the passage. Yet one other advanced technique is to make the first beat of web services, a measure a blank sixteenth rest in both hands. Classic rag composer Joseph F. Lamb actually used this in the opening of one of parker shepherd, his last pieces, The Alaskan Rag from 1959. Altering Harmonies: This is another area of improvisation that should be approached with both logic and care. It helps to be familiar with what was acceptable in thesis, terms of comparison, harmonies during the ragtime era, or what will not break the character of the piece or your performance.

However, you do not necessarily need to be a musicologist to ascertain what this might entail. Just listen to and emulate what you hear in other performances of the piece, or experiment with and record the harmonic patterns you may be after, making sure they sound palatable on playback. In most cases, adding a minor or flatted seventh to a chord that anticipates a harmonic change up a fourth is a safe bet. You can also add sixths to a chord for no particular reason. Thesis About! Sixths are quite effective with minor chords, as I have applied them throughout the performance evaluation, A and B sections of Artie Matthews' Pastime Rag #3 . Major sevenths are rarely used, and thesis web services ninths should typically be relegated to pieces in which they are written, such as Eubie Blake's Charleston Rag . In most cases, harmonic alteration should be done in the context of a passing tone, which is where the note or chord after the alteration resolves to unterschied und short story, the next expected note or chord. You can occasionally alter a full chord progression in thesis web services, the same context. For example, instead of two measures in the middle of a section using a |II|VV| harmonic progression, try altering the harmonies for parker shepherd essay, both hands to achieve a |Ivi|IIV| cadence*.

Experiment, but always be careful to not stray too far outside of obvious boundaries, except maybe in the case of an original composition. If a harmony is out of thesis about, place, it should be readily apparent, particularly when you play back a recording of your performance. Two viable alternates to this are. The latter two riffs are strongly favored supplementary left hand patterns used by Stride pianists. One other technique that depends on your hand size and inherent playing ability is the use of left hand tenths, or even better, tenths that include a fifth or sixth in the middle [based on jean, chord context]. This will not only fatten up the sound a great deal, but provide harmonic interest as well. Even if you can't adequately reach a solid tenth, the application of a quick roll with the lower note ahead of the beat will give you the proper effect. My colleague, great stride pianist Judy Carmichael , at just over 5' with not-overly big hands, showed me how she could achieve her tenths through simple articulated hand placement at web services, the front of the keyboard with only a slight roll. I occasionally roll octaves as well just to jean parker shepherd, achieve an about, interesting affect. Jean Parker Essay! Most of these techniques are found throughout my recording of Nat Johnson's Calico Rag . Ferdinand Jelly Roll Morton favored the use of sixths in the left hand bass, usually in thesis web services, third position with the thumb on the third and one of the last two fingers on the fifth below. This helped him achieve a variation of the tenth that also had a trombone like quality, and could substitute for both octave bass notes and chords in some progressions.

One last technique, though rarely applicable in ragtime, is the use of a boogie style rolling bass, in which the left hand plays alternating octave notes from the bottom up through the harmonic pitches of the current chord. Use this sparingly, if ever, when performing ragtime piano. Learn the jean parker shepherd essay, Entire Song: Most of the thesis web services, classic songs in paper, the standard sing-along repertoire have made it through a century and more with the chorus intact. This is usually because that chorus is repeated most often, and it contains the melodic hook that made the song a recognizable hit to thesis about web services, begin with. But playing choruses will likely lead into thesis comparison, medleys rather than individual performances, due to their abbreviated length. This means that you'll have to learn more songs to fill out a set or an evening. However, virtually all of the songs from the thesis about, early 1900s had verses. Paper! The verse can often change the thesis web services, context of a song, adding a new level of interest and telling more of a story.

For example, In My Merry Oldsmobile contains a great deal of mild sexual innuendo in the verses that effectively spill over into the chorus once they have been heard. Few listeners today realize that Sweet Georgia Brown is actually about a black prostitute of comparison, high standing, as the verses reveal. In addition, verses can help add significantly to the length of a song, thus expanding your performance time and reducing the need for either an thesis about web services, expansive repertoire or repeat performances in the same evening. Is A Statement! For example, Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet has a rather terse chorus, and thesis about web services it turns out that the verse is twice as long. You will often find the listeners fascinated with the fact that you know verses, and it will add volumes to the content of legitimate companies, your performance of old-time songs. Formatting: Now that you have more content to use in your arrangement, the next step is to about, find a format that will fit the song you're using.

Rarely do you want to start a song without a four to paper, eight bar introduction. It helps to thesis about web services, establish key, tempo and style for the listener as well as for the performer. If you have the sheet music for satisfaction dissertation, your songs or a book that reproduces the sheet music, the thesis, original introduction is likely included. You can use this as a template for essay und short story, the introduction you want to include for a particular song. Follow the introduction with the verse. Unless the music specifically places the chorus up front, starting with the thesis web services, verse allows you more latitude in what is a thesis statement, what you can do before you establish the most familiar part of the song. In my performance of In My Merry Oldsmobile , I apply rubato to the first verse, which contrasts with the establishment of thesis about, tempo in the chorus. Jean Parker Shepherd Essay! Then I take part of the second verse into thesis about web services, 4/4 time to contrast with the unterschied zwischen essay und short story, 3/4 found throughout the piece. The verses allow me this latitude where simply playing the chorus repeatedly will not.

In the about, case of ensemble performances, as opposed to satisfaction, solo piano, the verse is thesis about web services usually played just once, and often in the middle of the arrangement. Legitimate Online Companies! This will occasionally work with piano alone, but is less interesting and lacks the flexibility of thesis about, arrangement, much less the story-telling elements made available by putting the verse first. It also adds a bit of mystery, and can become a guessing game for the listener as well. When you reach the chorus, you can usually play it through at least two times before playing the verse again, applying some form of improvisation or alteration to the second iteration. In the case of some thirty-two bar choruses, it may be better to save your repeats until after a second iteration of the satisfaction dissertation, verse. In the case of either sixteen or thirty-two bar choruses, you may also go back to the last half of that chorus for thesis about web services, your repeat. If you are singing the piece, a piano solo repeat or break between the unterschied und short, first and second verses is advisable, and thesis about allows you to show off your playing technique. It also adds to the contrast that can create interest in your performance.

On most songs, with the exception of the more tender ballads, try to end big. Big chords; lots of sound; high notes; etc. Modulate upwards either for the last chorus or in the middle of it if possible. All of these techniques are applied to my ensemble performance of performance dissertation, Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home . On ballads, however, you can still go at it on the last chorus using your best maudlin style, but bring it down at the very end and apply soft dynamics and rubato for an effect that should make most of your audience weepy if correctly applied. Listen to my renditions of M-O-T-H-E-R or Sonny Boy to hear what I am referring to. Quotes: You can sometimes add interesting facets to a piece through the quoting of other familiar melodies. If you want to about, be this adventurous then make certain the piece you are quoting from falls within most of the guidelines included here. How long is it? I rarely include more than four to parker, eight measures of a quote within a piece. One exception is the inclusion of Old Folks at Home (Swanee River) in the middle of Alexander's Ragtime Band , but it clearly works in thesis web services, this context since both the melody and the title phrase are repeated within the song itself. Otherwise, don't lose the focus of the primary melody to an extended quote that creates an unrelated tangent or pulls focus off of the original piece.

Does the is a thesis, quote work musically? You'd be surprised how many times I have heard a quote out of left field, particularly an obscure one, in a performance that is drastically altered harmonically by the inclusion of this unwarranted melody. You can have fun with quotes, but make sure they don't alter the harmonic content of the song. I have often used Wolfgang Mozart's Little Sonata in C Major interspersed throughout the third repeat of the A section of Joplin's The Entertainer . I can get away with it for thesis web services, the novelty effect since they are in is a, the same key, the harmonic content is, for web services, the most part, retained, and performance evaluation I continually return to Joplin's melody. Is it familiar? If you quote something that you know but most people will not be familiar with, like Bel´ Bartok's The Fly or some phrase from a Benjamin Britten opera, you will lose the listener as thoughts such as Huh? What? Was that a mistake?

What is this fool doing?! run through their mind. About Web Services! Lastly, don't consider quotes to evaluation dissertation, be plagiarism or sacrilege, since they are included in the context of performance and not that of composition. Quotes are more an homage to the durability and adaptability of the original composer's tune. About Web Services! Still, this aspect is one of the better reasons to keep your quotes short. And you can quote me on that!

Experience will tell you that the key most pieces were written in and the key most people sing them in are often vastly different. Therefore, you need to be familiar enough with both harmonic piano theory and the piece you are playing in order to shift it into a palatable key for vocalizing. If people are either screeching or singing very low, then you have not found that sweet spot key yet. Thesis! Give it enough effort over time and about web services you will become good at finding the correct range for nearly any song (short of is a statement, The Star Spangled Banner ). Thesis About! Lastly, a piece of advice that was kindly given to me years ago by the Velvet Fog, Mr. Mel Torme himself, and which I have found to be very useful. Remember that even if someone asks for your least favorite song in all of time that it may be their most favorite , and will therefore have a great deal of meaning to them. If you know it, play it graciously. If you're not sure, not in the mood, or don't know it, turn them down politely and ask for their next choice. ( P.S.

Never count your tips in zwischen, front of your audience. It's rude, and if you don't have a poker face they will know exactly what kind of thesis about web services, night you had.) Printed Music Use: As noted earlier, memorization is the best possible way to make music out of a pile of sequential notes, since you don't have to focus on the syntax of those notes. What Is A Thesis Statement! However, even if you have a decent memory, you can't learn and retain everything, and may sometimes get asked for material you are less familiar with. About Web Services! In the 1970s there appeared notebooks of charts consisting of chords and melodies with words. Legitimate Online Writing! By the 1980s these were published and distributed as fake books, and came in several different flavors, usually with two to three tunes on each page, sometimes with verses. However, given not only the volume of thesis about web services, new music that becomes a hit, then a favorite, then a standard, even in the second decade of the 21st century (look how fast All About That Bass became an oldie, of sorts), and the rediscoveries of older tunes that become popular again, no paper fake book can keep up with that, and hauling forty pounds of paper to on small medium enterprises, every gig, much less thumbing through it, can stop the pace of the evening the same as writing a check at McDonalds would. The answer to this is to consider a 10 or larger tablet, such as an Apple iPad , Sony Experia , Samsung Galaxy , etc.

While not as cheap as a phone, they most certainly outweigh the about web services, combined cost and difficult of maintenance and material upkeep for fake books. Music for more than three centuries of literature is available in PDF format, a surprising amount of it for free. If you roll your own PDF files, it is helpful to trim the evaluation satisfaction dissertation, images so there are almost no margins, since they will display the music larger. Quickest way to a finished multi-page file is to import images one page at a time into a Word file with 0 margins, then save as using the .pdf format. There are a number of fine programs you can download that will manage and web services categorize your files, and make searching for them, even using voice, a snap. Unterschied Essay! You can even put together set lists for continual scrolling if you like. Experience has proven to me that a finger swipe is much easier to execute in a hurry than a page turn, and you can even get foot pedals to web services, do that work for you.

Add in performance dissertation, the convenience of apps like hyper-accurate tuners, metronomes with both sound and display, and playback capability of several types of thesis, files, the you have a total music winner that weighs less than two pounds, but can store thousands of song files, any of comparison, them accessible in seconds. You can even add annotations. About! There are dozens of services as well that can keep you fed with charts - some in any key - for the latest material. Thesis Comparison! Also, you don't absolutely have to get one with a 4G or similar monthly connection plan, as all of them will work fine with a WiFi signal. And when you are not using it for performance, you can watch YouTube cat videos anywhere, making it a true win! which is well worth a visit.

The Ragtime Webring-Dedicated to Scott Joplin and the music of the Ragtime Era, this ring is an thesis about web services, invaluable resource for jazz music lovers, musicians and historians. Sheet music, midi files, afro-american history, record collectors. Including some of my recommended favorites: Or just search their site using the search engine below!

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How This Simple Resume Model and Career Portfolio Example Landed a Dream Job. Need a resume makeover? See the before and after of a resume transformation. Use this powerfully simple resume model and thesis career portfolio as your guide. The days of slapping together a resume and getting results long gone. The days of just having a resume are pretty much over as well. Meet Ken Cordova. As he finished his master’s degree, he wanted to put himself out there to explore new career opportunities. His problem? His resume.

Here’s his resume before: Here’s his powerfully simple resume after: Ken went through a resume transformation. He developed a simple resume and career portfolio to thesis comparison paper, land his dream job. I’ll walk you though how you can do the web services same. Ken supplemented his resume with a great career portfolio. It took some time and research medium enterprises effort, but it quickly paid off as he soon landed a dream job. In fact, he turned down interviews at one point. I’ll walk you through what Ken did to build this simple resume model and career portfolio example. As I always say, simple is about, hard. I’ll keep it as easy as possible for you and show you how to replicate these as well as the tools he used.

Even if you aren’t in the job market, I still recommend you keep your resume updated and build a career portfolio. At some point, you’ll likely need both. Don’t wait until that time to what mini thesis, start frantically building them. Components of a Powerfully Simple Resume Model. Recruiters and hiring managers are scan readers. They need to check a ton of resumes in a short time so they skim most of them. Thesis Web Services. If something catches their attention, they’ll actually read the parker resume, which drastically increases your chances of a first interview. The resume content and keywords are important but scannability is critical. If you can’t get a hiring manager’s attention, great content gets you nowhere. Thesis Web Services. The importance of content comes to online writing, play after you’ve caught their attention. So what do you do?

Rethink your resume design by understanding how people initially scan a web page. Without knowing the thesis science of how people read web content, which version of Ken’s resume would you be more likely to read? Remember, you have hundreds of resumes to go through in a short period. What makes a simple resume powerful? How easy it is to visually scan. Not only is the new, simple resume more visually appealing, it’s also easier to scan. Here’s the science behind it.

Content is organized in an ‘F’ formation. Although it might sound odd to design a simple resume as a web page, hiring managers use the same approach as people use to legitimate writing companies, scan a website. According to about web services, a Nielson Group study, people quickly scan web content in an F-shape pattern. Research Medium In India. After the scan, they decide if they commit to reading the content in more detail. Now doesn’t this sound like the thesis typical hiring manager approach I just described? Hiring managers scan content like users scan content on a web page before deciding to commit. Ken’s more simple resume makes it easy to scan the content. The GIF image below simulates for you a hiring manager quickly flipping through resumes. Click on it to activate it.

Click on the image to research paper medium in india, activate an animation that simulates a hiring manager quickly flipping through resumes. Which one would make you stop? Visually, which one is most appealing and thesis stands out most? Ken’s simple resume is easy to scan. As you design your resume, make it easy to scan. Ken’s resume is easy to scan and digest the content. Given the ‘F’ pattern, here is how a typical person scan’s his resume: This resume model is easy to scan which makes a commitment to mini, reading more likely. The first scan is likely to go from left-to-right. His picture is at the end, which catches attention and continues the thesis scan.

You might try putting a headline with this first scan as well. Keep this section as simple as possible as to parker essay, not overwhelm the thesis about reader. Scan 2 and 3 can go either way. Likely, there is a slight scan down to the left and research on small in india then off to the right. That second scan catches keywords such as: If you were hiring someone for a leadership position, wouldn’t you want to about, keep reading after quickly scanning those words?

He made great use of satisfaction dissertation, not only the keywords but the placement of about web services, them based on how people scan a resume. Depending on where scan 2 started, the third scan is slower (especially based on the resume keywords and placement). This is where commitment to finish reading his resume happens. Visually organized resume content. Ken’s more simple resume is visually organized. This makes the content easier to read and digest. Once the scanning stops, the reader has to decide if it is what, going to be ‘easy to read.’ This resume model is organized into three sections. Much like a website header, this resume header gives a visual sign of order and a quick overview. The picture is a powerful way for someone to put a person to thesis web services, the page.

Ken’s resume model makes effective use of a sidebar that is visually separated by the background color. The information has great keywords and summary information for anyone scanning this content. He further separates the content into sections with headers. Easy to scan and easy to digest. Ken separates the what mini thesis statement main content with a white background. He further organizes content with separators. Although there is thesis about, plenty of jean parker shepherd, content here, it appears brief and thesis about easy to read thanks to the visual organization. Ken uses the action-result formula for his resume structure instead of performance satisfaction dissertation, simply listing tasks. Web Services. He quickly tells a story of the jean value he brings to the business. Tools resources to build this simple resume. For developing content, keywords and organizing this resume model, Ken used a collection of resume strategies I developed.

He also didn’t rush it. He took his time and thesis went through each part thoroughly. As a part of the toolkit, Ken discovered hundreds of essay story, templates at about web services, Canva. Story. He used a combination of the pre-designed templates. The service and about templates are free. I also have a list of other free templates in a resume development toolkit chapter on resume design and customization. I list lots of options there! So the parker question that many of you are probably asking is:

How did he fit 20+ years of thesis, experience on a one-page resume? He didn’t and you don’t need to either. Pick the parker most recent and relevant experience based on about web services your position targets. Ken made fantastic use of a supplemental professional career portfolio. Here’s how he did it and why you should do it too. Career and is a mini thesis Professional Portfolio Example. With the thesis about web services latest trends in talent acquisition moving to digital, people want to know you before they meet you. The first thing people will do is Google you.

Make sure they immediately find the right information. A career portfolio is a digital display of thesis comparison, your professional experience and accomplishments. Professional portfolios range in length from a single page to web services, a thousand-page website that includes case studies, references and visual galleries (especially for photographers). Most people hear ‘website’ and think ‘I. It’s not difficult. I’ll show you a simple way of creating a simple but powerful career portfolio. Why is a career portfolio important when looking for work? When someone types your name into a search bar, the thesis comparison displayed results are called SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The more authoritative web properties associated with your name, the more information displayed in thesis about, your SERP. Here is the online SERP for Kris Fannin as an example:

A career and professional portfolio will increase your exposure, authority, and SERP when people search for you. Why does your SERP matter? Because I guarantee people will search for you while looking for work. Web Services. A career portfolio helps them find what they want and learn more about you as a person and a professional. Additionally, a professional portfolio provides you exposure even when you aren’t looking for a job. It brings opportunities to you and not you chasing opportunities down in a reactive way. Career portfolios are not just a copy and paste of your resume, although they should contain your resume. Ken did an excellent job of thesis comparison paper, developing a simple yet powerful portfolio together. He used the about web services Wix platform for what is a mini thesis building and hosting his site.

The current version of Ken’s portfolio can be found here. He had never built a website before, although you wouldn’t know that looking at it. At the end of thesis web services, this section, I’ll give you some other options to build yours. Thesis Paper. Let’s walk through the sections and content so you can use a similar format. Career portfolio ‘Home’ and introduction page. Use this section to give a brief introduction and catch their attention.

Be professional and personable. A career portfolio is a perfect complement to a scannable, simple resume. Just under the introduction, Ken provides a CTA (Call to thesis about, Action) to learn more about performance him. Include a simple contact form and link to your active social profiles as well. Career portfolio ‘About Me’ – be human. This is an thesis about web services area to let people know the value you bring as a professional. Notice – and this is very important – Ken did NOT just copy and paste the evaluation satisfaction content of his resume.

He gives a short overview of his career, what he’s looking for thesis about and personal traits that make him successful. He has another CTA that invites the user to explore his resume. He includes some personal information below, which I highly recommend. Why? Hiring managers are looking for an organizational culture fit. They want to know more than your skills and experience. They want to know you as a person. This is also an jean shepherd opportunity to connect with a potential employer as a human – not just a resume. Seriously? How could you NOT start to like Ken after seeing and reading this? Make sure your career portfolio includes some personal content.

It helps to connect with the person reading it and makes you an actual human. Career portfolio ‘Resume’ and ‘Skills’ sections. Ken broke these into two different pages, and there is a reason. First, he has a page with his resume content. Notice, it is not exactly the thesis about web services same as his actual resume which is key. Unterschied Zwischen Essay Und Short. Be slightly more descriptive. He also added a video background to the header of the page. Because this content can be more ‘dry,’ this is a great strategy to engage a user immediately. He then takes it a step further by about web services, adding a ‘Skills’ page. Why did he separate the two?

Because he made it conversational. It has great wording and visuals and further builds his ‘case’ to a potential employer. Make your career portfolio conversational and appealing. Ken added a separate ‘Skills’ page to his portfolio which further engages a potential employer and builds his case. Career portfolio ‘Education’ and online ‘Contact’ sections. Although rather straightforward, these are important sections for a professional portfolio. You might be tempted to put them on one page, but I recommend you separate them.

Separate sections allow you to go into more detail. Additional sections to consider for your career portfolio. Although not included in about web services, Ken’s, some extra content and sections to evaluation satisfaction, consider adding to your portfolio include: Video or a video introduction . About. What better way for someone to ‘get to what, know you’ than a video introduction? If you decide to thesis about web services, include one, I would put it on the first page. These aren’t difficult to make. Just dress professionally and unterschied zwischen und short story fire up your webcam. FAQ section . Thesis. What questions do potential employers ask you? What are some unusual questions you’ve been asked in an interview that you are confident you answered well? Include them in an FAQ section! You could also answer each question on video.

Take a look at Intelivate’s FAQ section for ideas on performance satisfaction how to thesis about web services, organize them. Alternatives to a dedicated website. If you don’t want to build a dedicated site, here are a couple of great alternatives. All three have free and premium products. You have just about everything you need to build a great, simple resume and career portfolio. I know it can be overwhelming, so take it one step at a time. Bookmark this and come back to it as you start each part. Remember, even if you aren’t in the job market, please do both of what mini statement, these proactively now before you ‘need’ them later. At the least, you’ll open the door to new opportunities. I know I gave you a lot of information here.

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